The dissemination plan of evidence-based research is to produce evidence to guide improvements in current policies and practice Custom Essay

(1)The dissemination plan of evidence-based research is to produce evidence to guide improvements in current policies and practice. It constant challenges researched to use proven approaches and stop using strategies that do not work. An effective dissemination on the research consistently looks at ways to better understand problems, make informed decisions, and to identify successful resolutions.

(2)Dissemination of knowledge is important because it provides evidence for best nursing practices (Regan & Pietrobon, 2010). Without evidence nursing practice becomes trial and error among individuals instead of being grounded in fact. Nursing is a field that requires a huge knowledge base. It can be somewhat specialized (Primary care, Med/surg, Peds, etc) but even if a nurse spends years in their corner of nursing new research and information will change current practice. Disseminating the information can make that new information relatable and usable in current practice.

(3)There is great importance of having the knowledge of the research process to put evidence-based research into practice to increase quality patient care and promote healthy outcomes. In today?s changing healthcare delivery, it is essential for healthcare professionals to innovate new practices and procedures that yield quality care, improved outcomes, better work environments, and to sustain financial stability for the institutions in which we work and our country.

(4)Dissemination is the purposive distribution of information and intervention materials to a specific public health or clinical practice audience. The intent is to spread information and the associated evidence-based interventions. Research on dissemination addresses how information about health promotion and care interventions is created, packaged, transmitted, and interpreted among a variety of important stakeholder groups. Dissemination is the process of making the outcomes and deliverables of a project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience (European Commission, 2012). The plan for dissemination must involve an explanation of how project awareness will be achieved, including both outputs and outcomes, as well as how targeted communication will be used to provide information on the outcomes to stakeholders, relevant institutions, organizations and individuals (European Commission, 2012).

(5)Dissemination of evidence is vital for positive change in nursing practice behaviors that are based on evidence. The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. As new information becomes available we must adapt and change to provide the safest and most efficient care to our patients.

(6)As nurses, we based our nursing practice on evidence based where in these practices are being done. Nurses do need to provide meticulous patient education upon discharge as well as follow-up care to maintain continuity of patient care. The knowledge of the research process is important because there is adequate proof through research finding that nursing practices are safe and effective in delivering care to the patient.




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