Through the lens of Nightingale?s theory, discuss hoarding and what positive changes nurses might try to facilitate in this environment Custom Essay

Florence Nightingale was a forward-thinking woman, a nurse pioneer and a true leader who was ahead of her time. Her Environmental Theory, although developed over 100 years ago, is still relevant today. Many public health problems could be avoided by application of her theory; many health promotion programs developed by nurses are based on application of her theory.

When writing your paper, do the following:

? Make sure your introduction states how Nightingale?s theory is related to your topic.
? Include a clearly stated thesis statement toward the beginning of your paper (usually just after your introduction) which states your position on the issue. (We will practice this in class)
? Use your writing throughout your paper to support this position. Make sure you also have a conclusion which summarizes your main points.

? Use Nightingale?s original work Notes on Nursing (posted on 102 library site) as your main resource when discussing her theory. Your job is to discuss/analyze your environmental issue through the lens of Nightingale and to apply Nightingale?s theory very specifically to the issue. (Note: None of the situations below have simple solutions; this is understood by the professor.)

? Use a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles, 2 of which should be from NURSING journals, to elaborate on the issue and support your argument. Also use other high-quality, credible sources i.e. WHO, Health Canada, RNAO, CNO.

? Adhere to APA format (6th edition) for title page, page numbering, spacing, margins, headings, font type and size, quotes, citations, reference page, and organization of essay.
? Use MINIMAL QUOTES. Put your argument in your own words and make sure you synthesize and apply the information you are getting from the literature to the points you are trying to make.
? Ensure correct spelling, sentence structure, grammar, verb tense, and punctuation. (See resources, Seneca libraries website.) Use commas correctly to enhance understanding. Write in complete sentences. Use transitions to move from one paragraph to the next. Use paragraphs to organize your writing and address one main idea in each paragraph.
? Edit your work, read it out loud, and have a peer review your work. Go to Seneca Learning Centre (in library) for help if writing is a challenge for you.
Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) nurses provide care in people?s homes and are exposed to many different kinds of home environments. One of the most challenging is one where the residents are hoarders, which poses a very significant health risk. Through the lens of Nightingale?s theory, discuss hoarding and what positive changes nurses might try to facilitate in this environment.




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