Explain the integration of the strategy into a total marketing program for the orthopedic group?

1. An orthopedic group in Virginia has decided to conduct a survey of referral physicians. The results, which are posted on the Web site, indicate the level of satisfaction. The group has also posted comments that some of the physicians wrote on the surveys. What is this group doing in terms of attempts to recognize the customer contact process? Explain the integration of the strategy into a total marketing program for the orthopedic group?

2. Recently a surgical group in Manhattan posted a Web site that includes a page that refreshes every 10mintues and shows how close the doctors are following their “scheduled appointment” times. In terms of the value equation, what component or variable is this group trying to work on with its market?

Chapter 8:

3. A large community hospital, River Valley, has recently begun to acquire physician practices. At issue is whether to rename each acquired practice to “River Valley Associates” or to leave each name alone. What are the trade-offs River Valley should consider in this decision?

4. A company has decided to offer a health savings account plan to its employees. This new option is the first such type of coverage available in the market. Based on the factors that affect the diffusion of innovation, how might the company best accomplish the successful roll-out of this new health care coverage option?

Chapter 9: 5. Two medical organizations have recently examined their cost structures. The first group is a radiology practice with a significant investment in diagnostic imaging equipment. The second group is a single-specialty pediatric practice. The cost analysis reveals the following distribution:

Radiology Group Pediatric Group Fixed Cost 70% 20% Variable Cost 30% 80% Explain the implications of these differing cost structures of each medical group in terms of contracting with managed care organizations. 6. An ophthalmology practice is deciding whether to offer prescription eyeglasses for sale in-house. The new service would require the training and hiring of additional personnel, inventory for glasses and frames, and some minor space alterations. The utilized space in the office would be a charge allocated to the program. The costs for this new service are: Variable Costs (electricity, $80 per completed labor, supplies) pair of eyeglasses Total Fixed Cost $36,000 How much volume does the group need to break even if they charge $100 per pair of eyeglasses? If they charge $200?




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