Intervention of an evidence based practice prevention of patient pressure ulcers using a special bed

Evidence-Based Nursing Problem- intervention of an evidence based practice prevention of patient pressure ulcers using a specialty mattress/bed. oral Presentation-only 10 minutes

You will create a presentation on your chosen evidence-based nursing problem and present it through a virtual meeting platform to your peers and instructor. This presentation will not only highlight your research throughout the course but will serve as an informative guide from which your audience will learn. Questions to think about as you begin to organize information include why this topic is important, what areas of the healthcare domain are affected, what solutions or best practices you have found, and how those solutions can be implemented (including possible barriers). In addition, using the nursing process as a tool will help you to stay organized.

Your presentation should integrate theory from all prior nursing courses seamlessly. You should also include an introduction, a conclusion, and transitional statements to lead the audience through the presentation. You should be well prepared, articulate, and communicate clearly.

You will be presenting your Project to your peers in a virtual meeting room set up by your instructor. Your instructor will facilitate this and provide specific information on how to enter the meeting room and upload your Project document.

Final Capstone oral presentation

Develop a presentation utilizing all the information from your paper related to your evidence-based written Assignments. Include the following in your presentation:

Final Capstone Oral presentation

•Include a Title
•Begin with your Introduction.
•Use nursing process as backbone of presentation — assessment, diagnosis/analysis, plan, implementation, and evaluation.
•Illustrate evidence of knowledge from prior courses in your BSN Program including — research, community, assessment, leadership, Healthy People 2020.
•Showcase your selected evidence-based nursing problem.
•Highlight ways your proposed solution (s) could contribute to the improvement of the nursing profession and the healthcare delivery system, and could lead to the formulation of health policy.
•Include references to support your information using APA format.

Final Capstone Oral Presentation/PowerPoint Presentation – Tips:

•Be creative!
•Be mindful of plagiarism.
•Come well prepared and communicate clearly.
•Make presentation visually appealing.
•Include an introduction, conclusion, and transitional statements to lead the audience.
•Be prepared to field questions from your audience.
•Please include at minimum one assessment strategy for your audience as well. For example you can utilize polling, a short quiz or case study, etc.




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