Selected Issue: COVID and flu vaccines for the homeless or any other one of the five that works best for the writer.

This week’s discussion will focus on creating and designing a well-thought-out method section that includes a methods grid. Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length.

For your initial post,

Select one of the following issues (do not duplicate classmates’ selections until all topics are addressed) and a health program that aligns with it:
smoking bans in restaurants
COVID and flu vaccines for the homeless
implementing coordinated school health programs
laws governing children’s crib or bassinet construction
cleaning trash and debris from local lakes, streams, and rivers
Explain the responsibility of the evaluator (you).
Create an evaluation methods grid that addresses the following in relation to your selected issue:
Outline the activities in the methods section via a grid, including your evaluation questions (three are needed), performance measures, data sources, frequency of collection and contact, and responsible parties that are necessary to ensure the objectives of the report is accomplished. See Figure 4A (p. 23) from the CDC workbook for an example of how to create this grid.
List names of stakeholders in your area that work to address your chosen topic in your methods grid under the “Responsibility” column.
Avoid asking yes or no, or purely qualitative evaluation questions, as with your evaluation questions from the previous week.
Hypothesize you are a funder of a program for your selected issue as an external stakeholder, after the evaluation methods grid:
What would you want to see in this evaluation report to show your monies are being utilized appropriately?
How could the evaluator effectively show programmatic improvement in their report?

Your research must be supported by a minimum of two credible sources. Use proper APA StyleLinks to an external site. formatting for in-text citations and references as outlined in the UAGC Writing Center. Please read the methods section in the required reading before posting to this discussion.




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