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Reflect on what you have learned in this course. What is one change you will make to your current practice based upon your knowledge gained in this course? What were the challenges and benefits of your project? Please provide a scholarly source to support your ideas.

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Electronic Health Records
Reflection on What I Have Learned
In this course, I have gained valuable insights into the intersection of information management and patient care technology. One key takeaway has been utilizing electronic health records (EHRs) to enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare processes. Understanding how to effectively document, store, and retrieve patient information through EHRs can significantly impact the quality and safety of patient care.
One Change in Current Practice
One change I will make in my current practice is to adopt a more structured approach to EHR documentation. I have realized that accurate and timely documentation is essential for continuity of care and effective communication among healthcare providers. By consistently keying patient information, assessments, and interventions into the EHR, I can contribute to a comprehensive patient record that supports collaborative care and reduces the risk of errors (F. Elharish et al., 2021).
Challenges of the Project
During the course project, I encountered challenges navigating the complexities of different EHR systems and understanding their unique features. Additionally, ensuring the security and privacy of patient information while using EHRs posed a challenge that required careful attention and adherence to healthcare regulations (Xiao et al., 2018). All this can hinder seamless patient information sharing among healthcare providers. Ensuring EHR security and privacy safeguards while utilizing technology can mitigate potential breaches and maintain patient confidentiality.

Benefits of the Project
Learning to navigate and use EHR systems effectively allowed me to see firsthand how technology can improve patient care. The increased accessibility to patient information, the ability to track trends in health data, and the potential for real-time communication among healthcare teams from different departments were some of the positive aspects that emerged from the project (Rajkomar et al., 2018).

F. Elharish, S., Denna, I., M. Maatuk, A., & K. Elberkawi, E. (2021). Application of Electronic Health Records in Polyclinics: Barriers & Benefits. International Conference on Data Science, E-Learning and Information Systems 2021.
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Xiao, C., Choi, E., & Sun, J. (2018). Opportunities and challenges in developing deep learning models using electronic health records data: a systematic review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 25(10), 1419–1428.


In responding to your peers, please discuss how advancements in health information technology are making our healthcare system a system focused on safety. Identify one future trend in HIT.


What is one change you will make to your current practice based upon your knowledge gained in this course? As nurses we strive to provide the best patient centered care. Throughthis course I have learned that there are many forms for electronic health, and it is up to nurses to help educate our patients of their options and understanding of these devices. This class helped shed light on the barriers some patients face regarding their ability to gain access to medical treatment. Moving forward my goal is to use this expanded information and help spread awareness to my residents in the assisted living environmen by educating family’s and residents on fall devices , access to their My Chart, AI appointment scheduling , and knowing if and when a virtual appointment may or may not be the best path for them. I hope to help bridge my residents into the electronic world of healthcare to the residents with limited mobility. The problem with limited mobility is excavated when a person lives far from large metropolitan centers whcih can offer home delvers of goods and sercvces, and traportaion to and from services like legal care, activities and events. (Pradeep 2021). In assisted living it is considered their homes and we need to continue to support the residents with outside services by using telehelath and visiting nurse agencies.

What were the challenges and benefits of your project? My final paper and project was on the smart watch, and its revolutionalized abilities in capturing heath care data. The challenges were many which varied if using a smartwatch for home, or hosptization monitoring. These challenges included cost, bluetooth ability, accuracy of data, equipment malfunctions , infection control, privacy & security. The benefits which also varied if using at home or in a medical setting. According to the journal Alert Medical Care all participant is in their 2023 study agreedfor home use the features of fall detections, heart rate, GPS, activity tracking all were beneficial for capturing real data in healthcare are monitoring.


Alert, Medical Care. “New Smart Watch For Seniors with Fall Detection from Medical Care Alert.” AP Online, 13 July 2023. EBSCOhost,

Pradeep Kumar Ray, Siaw-Teng Liaw, & J. Artur Serrano. (2021). Digital Methods and Tools to Support Healthy Ageing. The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Required Resources to use for this assignment (this may help you or it may not. You might have to use other scholarly sources to help)

Textbook: Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge, Chapters 20

Additional Support (Optional):
Library Article:
This article details the use of virtual reality for assisting individuals with upper-limb prosthesis.
You may find this article informative as you review the material in this module.

This document was developed to address the diverse needs of healthcare delivery and to provide a framework for hospitals to use to develop practices to meet diverse patient needs.
You will find this helpful as you consider healthcare delivery strategies for vulnerable populations.

Library Article:
This is an interesting article concerning the use of virtual reality as a method to assist individuals recovering from stroke.
You may find this article informative as you review the material in this module.





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