Nurses may be in a position where they are the principal people who offer support and comfort to the grieving members of a family

Resources to Help Deal with Own GriefGrieving for nursing professionals especially in relation to patients they have become so intimately involved presents various challenges. For example, as Gerow and colleagues (2010) contend, nurses may be in apposition where they are the principal people who offer support and comfort to the family members, yet they also experience grief due to the attachment they may have developed to the patients. As such, the nurses may tend to engage in inappropriate coping strategies such as avoidance and compartmentalization, which may lead to adverse outcomes such as burnout (Gerow et al., 2010; Durall 2011). As such, having resources to help oneself during self-grief may help avert such adverse effects of own grief.In my case, the resources that I would likely use to deal with my grief are counseling sessions either offered at the institution I work at or at a spiritual institution. My choice of such a source of resource is because it is likely to offer me an avenue to express my fears while maintaining confidentiality. As noted by Durall (2011), such institutional-based therapy session helps one to avoid feeling helpless after the death of a patient they were attached to. With regard to spiritual counseling, attending such sessions would reassure me and offer comfort since such sessions are likely to explore aspects such as reasons for death. Twould then help me to avoid feeling helpless and becoming hesitant to care for other patients with life threatening conditions.Apart from thavenues, I would also find coping resources through discussing my emotions with colleagues. The reason for seeking such informal support is that it is readily available, and that since my colleagues are likely to have encountered similarly stressing events, they are likely to render relevant support in my times of grief. In a study by shorter and Stayt (2010), nurses observed that informal support by colleagues helped them to express their emotions about the passing on of a patient they were attached to, and thus helping them to overcome grief. I also find tresource to be significant since it offers me a means to let out my feelings about the death, thus avoid being preoccupied with such feelings every time I go to environments that the patient whom I cared for stayed.Grief presents various challenges for nurses since they may have to play contradictory roles of offering support to family members while dealing with the grief of losing a patient they were attached to. In my case, resources such as counseling and informal support from colleagues have been vital in dealing with grief




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