This written assignment addresses course learning outcomes 2 and 3:
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the functioning of the family unit using family assessment
models that enable families to make health decisions;
3. Plan and evaluate evidence-based nursing for families across the lifespan.
Task Description:
1. Read the attached case study and watch the linked video
2. From the ‘identified issues’ section of the case study select ONE issue for the family or a
member of the family.
3. Write a 1500 word structured essay in which you apply the nursing process to provide care
for a family in a case study.
Your essay must be structured using the following headings, noting suggested
word counts:
Introduction (125 words)
• Introduce the topic and explain the purpose and structure of the essay.
Describe the issue (200 words)
â–ª Describe the issue and discuss what is known about the issue/challenge, using evidence
from scholarly literature
Plan nursing care (200 words)
â–ª Propose a relevant nursing goal and justify with reference to a family assessment model
(explain why it is relevant to the issue) and appropriate evidence.
Implement nursing care (500 words)
â–ª Discuss two evidence-based nursing strategies for assisting the family to identify family
strengths that will help them to achieve this goal.
â–ª Outline a recommendation for an existing online resource or appropriate referral for the
family for EACH nursing strategy.
Evaluate nursing care (350 words)
â–ª Propose an evidence-based evaluation of the strategy to meet the nursing care goals.
Specifically explain how the strategy can be evaluated by the nurse.
Conclusion (125 words)
• Conclude the assignment with a clear and well-articulated summation of the main points
Other Elements:
• Do not include a Griffith University cover page at the start of your assignment. The School of
Nursing uses an Electronic Cover Sheet quiz, on your course site.
• Refer to the Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide for guidance on writing, and
referencing according to APA 7th style, as well as formatting and presentation including an
appropriate Title page
• Ensure that you use at least 10 different sources of relevant scholarly literature1
readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and textbooks) that has been
published within the last seven (7) years. If you use literature older than 7 years, you will
need to justify why you are not using recent literature. Please note it is preferable to locate
and use Australian sources if you are describing the extent or magnitude of the issue.
• Use academic language2
throughout and write in the third person.
• Refer to the marking criteria when writing your assignment. This will assist you in
calculating the weightings of the sections for your assignment.
• State your word count (excluding title page and reference list) on your assignment title
page. Word limits for assessment items need to be strictly adhered to. The word limit for an
assessment includes in-text citations, tables, and quotations. The word limit DOES NOT
include the reference list. Please note the marker will cease marking your submitted work
once they have reached the allocated Total word limit.
• Maintain academic integrity




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