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Gurpreet Singh
Apr 14, 2024 at 2:34 AM
Module 5: Initial Post

A portfolio is a suitable instrument for both education and evaluation purposes. For the past 25 years, it has served as a means of showcasing nursing proficiency. A portfolio is a compilation of tangible facts and records that demonstrate the occurrence of learning (Mokhtari-Nouri et al., 2018). The objectives and tactics in developing influential academic portfolios in nursing are demonstrating competency, professional development, and complementing resumes and CVs (College of Human Medicine, n.d., p. 2). There are primarily two categories of portfolios. Best-Work Portfolios are carefully curated compilations of items that showcase a nurse’s skills and knowledge. Portfolios are utilized for career advancement, job applications, performance evaluations, certifications, and other circumstances where others will assess the portfolio.
Growth and Development Portfolios are dynamic tools that enable nurses to track and assess their continuous advancement. Nurses can choose items from these portfolios to showcase the most outstanding work in their portfolios (Burns, 2015, p. 1).

My strategies for enforcing my professional portfolios begin with my education and professional experience. I worked on multiple research papers during my MPH courses, including my capstone project on Breast cancer guidelines. I will present my research findings on how these guidelines only fit some cultures. My capstone project would also enable them to observe my proficient utilization of evidence-based research and the underlying principles to construct my paper by APA formatting. During the COVID epidemic, I was part of the front-line team that distributed PPE and masks to underserved populations. The teams’ efforts were essential in managing the spread of the virus and protecting vulnerable communities. I will include my work experience with non-profit organizations in New Jersey, such as New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institutions, New Jersey Public Health Association, and Family Health Services.

Mentoring is a crucial aspect that significantly impacts the professionalism and socialization of nursing students, particularly in clinical settings. A mentor plays a vital role in the clinical setting by being a knowledgeable and supervisory figure in applying theoretical information. (Mokhtari-Nouri et al., 2018). I have worked in the children and adolescent behavior unit for two years as a charge nurse and provide a mentor role to newly hired nurses and counselors on the unit. I will include how this role helps me be effective in leadership.

I will utilize my networking connections and the pleasant working environment as resources to ensure that my nursing profession is up-to-date with the newest innovations, standards, and practices in psychiatric nursing. Walden University expands its efforts to offer cost-effective education to students, both through traditional on-campus programs and online platforms. Furthermore, universities offer efficient resources to working people, enabling them to fulfill their aspirations of completing their degree at their preferred speed. As an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), I aim to advance alongside emerging strategies and offer my community the most current treatment alternatives. I will approach situations with a receptive and unbiased mindset, prioritizing the needs and well-being of my patients above everything else. Walden University places a high importance on addressing and meeting the requirements of students by offering exceptional education and resources. I observed a significant alignment between their objectives and my own as a student.


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