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I would like to see if we can mention that GA removed over 100,000 kids off and relate that to the importance of the main topics questions.

First – here are the discussion questions:

Discuss how health policy initiatives are used to guide and direct your clinical practice as an Advanced Practice Nurse.

Please locate the Medicaid eligibility criteria for 3 different states. Compare and contrast the eligibility criteria, then discuss the implications of the criteria for people in each state.

t is important to keep up with the latest developments in health policy and understand how they can impact our practice. In this post, I will discuss how healthy policy initiatives are used to guide the clinical practices of the Advanced Practice Nurse. I will also compare and contrast the Medicaid eligibility criteria for three states and discuss the implications of the criteria for the people in each state.

There are many ways in which health policy initiatives influence and inform the clinical practice of Advanced Practice Nurses. Initiatives associated with health policy establish standards and norms which regulate clinical practice. Regulatory requirements that APNs must adhere to in their practice may include their scope of practice, licensure, and education/training. Scope of Practice is one of the major health policies that affects the clinical practice of the APN. According to the ANA, “Scope of practice describes the procedures, actions, and processes that a healthcare practitioner is permitted to undertake in keeping with the terms of their professional license” (Association, n.d.). Scope of Practice differs from state to state. One study that was published in the BMJ Open titled “The impact Scope of Practice and competencies of Advanced Practice Nurses within the APN-led models of care for patients with multiple chronic conditions,” discovered that because of their advanced nursing knowledge and advanced skills, patient care by Advanced Practice Nurses lead to optimal outcomes as well as improved self-management skills and health literacy of chronically ill patients. Their care was also cost-effective (Bales, et al.,2023). By being involved in healthcare policy, advanced practice nurses can make an impact on actions and policy at all levels. This leads to better practice and better patient outcomes.

Medicaid is a type of healthcare coverage that is provided to low-income families or individuals such as pregnant women, children, foster children, and those with disabilities ( (Grabowski, 2022). Medicaid varies on a state-by-state basis. Each state mandates specific eligibility requirements to qualify. All states have income-based requirements; however, the amount of income varies in each state. There are also residency requirements in every state. To be eligible, they must reside in the state they are applying in, and they must be citizens of the United States or certain qualified non-citizens like lawful permanent residents (Eligibility, n.d.).

I will now discuss the Medicaid eligibility requirements and implications of the criteria for three different states.

Alabama-To be eligible for Medicaid in Alabama, you must be a resident of the state, a U.S. national, citizen, permanent resident, or legal alien, in need of health care/insurance assistance, whose financial situation would be characterized as low income or extremely low income. You must also be pregnant, responsible for a child 18 years or younger, blind, disabled/have a family member in your household that is disabled, or 65 years of age or older. The max annual household income varies depending on the amount of people in the household. For a family of four, it would be an annual household income of $39,900. Alabama Medicaid does not cover dental services (Alabama Medicaid, n.d.).
South Carolina-You are encouraged to apply for Medicaid in the state of South Carolina if you are pregnant (only covers two months of PE period and does not include labor and delivery charges), have a child 18 years old or younger, you or your child is in foster care or adopted, you have a diagnosis of breast or cervical cancer, you are blind, you have a disability, you need nursing home care, over the age of 65, or have very low/no income. It usually takes up to 45 days to determine eligibility. There are specific income requirements that determine eligibility, and they are usually based on the Federal poverty level and vary for different family sizes or programs. There are also residency requirements stating that you must be a full-time resident of South Carolina and either a U.S. citizen or legally residing non-citizen (South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Healthy Connections Medicaid, 2024).
Georgia-Basic eligibility requirements for the state of Georgia include pregnancy, anyone under the age of 19, legally blind, disabled, or need nursing home care. You can also qualify for Medicaid if you have cervical or breast cancer and are low income, under the age of 65, a resident of Georgia/U.S. Citizen or qualified immigrant. There are also income requirements for the state of Georgia which may differ from South Carolina and Alabama. Income in this state is dependent upon household size. For a family of four it would be $74,100. For a family of two-$48,709. The state of Georgia also has a PeachCare program for kids. PeachCare insures those children living in the state of Georgia whose parents make more than the Medicaid eligibility income requirements (Georgia Medicaid, n.d.).
Each of these states are alike but different at the same time. They all have nearly the same eligibility requirements except for some differences in the age of children and the income allocation per year. They all have specific coverages in each state as mentioned above. Dental not covered in the state of Alabama is an example.




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