discuss the importance of fire sprinklers and code enforcement

Discuss the importance of fire sprinklers and code

This week I want you to discuss the importance of fire sprinklers and code enforcement, and why you do or do not agree with making it mandatory to install sprinkler systems in every new home built. . This might come off as more of a rant than a professional opinion. Fire sprinklers can and do serve as an important factor in reducing the spread of fire thus reducing loss of life and property damage. I personally believe that being requirement for them to be in business and of places that people gather, nursing homes etc. My personal opinion on requiring them to be installed in residences is very different. There has to be a point in where Government has to stop and person responsibility has to take over. That being said MY home is MY home and the government, let it be local or federal should have no say on what I build and what I do in my home. I personal have been to Commissioners Court in Jackson County Over septic systems. The Commissioners tried to pass a code that stated that I as a person couldnt put in my own septic system, which state law currently lets me do if you own over 10 acres. I ultimately proved what that law stated and the commissioners left it alone. What I did take for the experience is that if we do not stand up as individuals against what principals you believe in, they will be taken away. All these things are done in the name of Safety but it has got to the point that it is eroding our freedom as we know it. It is regulations like this that are bringing our county to its knees. If you can find a quote from someone to add to the last line it would be great! .




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