The ability of the game to make you familiar with operations management processes.

Write a critical reflection essay (Maximum 1200 words excluding references) about the stimulation game with the following topic:

McGraw Hill practice operations simulation game as a learning tool for managing operations.

You need to criticize the contribution (positive or negative) of the game to your learning experience and the ability of the game to make you familiar with operations management processes. This should include specific examples from the time you played the game. The following table shows the rubrics to mark this assignment. Please read this table before writing your essay as it helps you structure your arguments.

Modules (25 marks):

MODULE 1: THE PRODUCTION PROCESS (3 marks) This module focuses on the heart of operations management, managing the production process (Unlimited attempts).

MODULE 2: MANAGING SUPPLIERS (3 marks) This module unlocks the receiving department and puts you in charge of managing the supply chain and material inventories to meet client needs (Unlimited attempts).

MODULE 3: FORECASTING AND CONTRACTS (3 marks) In this module, you will choose which contracts to pursue, and optimize their receiving, production, and shipping departments accordingly (Unlimited attempts).

MODULE 4: HUMAN RESOURCES AND CAPACITY PLANNING (3 marks) In this challenging scenario, you will need to manage both human resources and facility resources to meet capacity challenges (Unlimited attempts). MODULE 5: THE NEW BRANCH via the CAPSTONE MODULE (6.5 Marks)

Module 5 brings all of the components together. In this capstone module, you have complete control over all areas of their operations, and will be challenged to build the most profitable company possible. You should allow between 1 to 3 hours completing Module 5 (3 attempts permitted- you cannot restart the game).

MODULE 6: MAXIMIZE NET WORTH (6.5 Marks) In this capstone module; players again have complete control over all areas of their operations. The goal is to maximize the net worth of the firm over 50 turns.




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