Develop an analysis of the key issues using appropriate academic and practitioner material to support points.

Report writing
Your assignment should be in a report style. Additional guidance on how to draft a report will be given in class.
Material covered in the sessions related to the topics for the assignment should be used as a starting point. Don’t simply restate what was covered in the lecture or what you have read in the literature. Develop an analysis of the key issues using appropriate academic and practitioner material to support points or to forward the case that you are presenting.
Simple statements of opinion or prescriptive assertions are not adequate to the task: you need to back up your arguments with evidence and examples, e.g. from other case or survey studies.
If you need any further guidance, including locating or identifying appropriate academic and practitioner material, please arrange to speak to your tutor.
Assessment Criteria
The criteria for the assignment are as follows:
• Your recognition and appraisal of issues and potential problems faced by the company in the case study
• Strength and worth of your arguments, conclusions and recommendations
• Your application of theory selectively and critically in analysing the issues in the case study
• Style/presentation of the report (including appropriate referencing)
For guidance on how work will be marked, please refer to the University Assessment Handbook:
Wherever practicable, students’ work will be marked anonymously.
Further reading and sources
A full range of reading material is included with the Module Information Pack.
How much to read?
Students are often concerned about the number of sources they should read and reference. There is no exact answer to this. The wider the reading the greater the likelihood the student will understand the issues they are being asked to discuss. It is recommended that students read a number of text books and a number of more specialist academic sources (journals, HR practitioner publications). Please remember using, reading and referencing material quoted in lectures is acceptable, but citing lecture slides is not! Even with a report style of assignment, your work must be fully referenced.
Material drawn from Internet sources should be used with caution and care, and should NOT be used as an alternative for a properly researched and argued essay using academic sources.

Case Study: Tasty Foods
Your company, Tasty Foods, based in the UK, produces a range of ready-made meals using traditional British ingredients. You are considering taking your business into Europe to take advantage of an expanding market in this type of product.
Your company needs to recruit and select new international managers to take the business forward. Two managers will be based in Germany and two managers in France and will be responsible for acquiring new business for the company.
You have been asked by your senior manager to prepare a report that will enable the company to appoint, train and develop these new international managers. You have been told that the report must be based on current best practice and should contain appropriate academic and reputable HR practitioner material.
The areas that your manager specifically wants you to address are:
• Recruitment and selection – how will you recruit and select the best managers for this international assignment?
• Training and development – what training and development will the company give to the new managers to make them effective in their new appointments?
• Performance and reward – what will be the most effective ways to manage and reward the performance of the new international managers?
Your report should include a brief executive summary (no more than one page) and a clear set of recommendations. The report template issued in class can be used to structure the report.

Please note that Tasty Foods is a fictional company and you must not make any assumptions based on material found on the Internet for any company with a similar name.




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