Should We Demand an End to Drug Patents?

“Should We Demand an End to Drug Patents? It’s Killing You!” then answer ONE of the following question.
Select one of the following critical analysis and discussion questions and post your answer. Please write out the question at the top of your answer.
• The critical issue in the debate over the merits of the for-profit hospital structure is whether the profit motive has a negative impact on quality of care and access for the poor and uninsured. Is there a significant difference in quality and access between for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals? What is the empirical evidence? (Clearly distinguish between private not-for-profit hospitals and public hospitals.)
• A person learns from a genetic test that she has a predisposition for a certain disease, say, Alzheimer’s disease. Who should have access to that genetic information? Medical practitioner? Insurance companies? Family members? The individual? What are the pros and cons of making that information available to each of the above parties?
• Pharmaceutical spending is about 10 percent of total health care spending in the United States. Why do you suppose the industry is the target of such severe criticism? What are some of the important economic issues that help us understand availability and pricing in the pharmaceutical industry?

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View the video entitled, “Should We Demand an End to Drug Patents? It’s Killing You!” In this video, Neal Asbury, host of “Truth for America” joins Thom Hartmann as they discuss the controversial issue – ending the patent protection of pharmaceutical companies for humanitarian reasons. There are strong arguments on both sides. Discuss the major issues on sacrificing intellectual property rights for humanitarian causes. What’s your opinion? Besides viewing the video, feel free to conduct an online search on the topic to collect materials for your answer. Provide those citations in your answer and articulate your argument with facts rather than emotion.




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