Mission statements allow people identify the reason the organization exists; it also addresses the organizations position regarding ethics, principles, and their standards of practice (Marquis & Huston, 2017). My current organization for the last six years is OhioHealth.

Their mission statement is To improve the health of those we serve, their vision is Where people want to work, where physicians want to practice and, most importantly, where patients want to go when they need healthcare services, their values Compassion, Excellence, Stewardship, Integrity and their cardinal value is We honor the dignity and worth of each person (“About OhioHealth | A Non-Profit Healthcare Organization”, 2017). OhioHealth also has a pledge that is quite lengthy, in summary, it states the organization holds themselves accountable to their community in which they serve (“About OhioHealth | A Non-Profit Healthcare Organization”, 2017). Their patients and families are first, and they deserve the best in all areas of healthcare, being non-profit they also have concern for the poor and demand that all their patients get quality healthcare (“About OhioHealth | A Non-Profit Healthcare Organization”, 2017). OhioHealth has a strong relationship with United Methodist Church that is the basis of their morals and ethical foundations, this is the driving force for serving others (“About OhioHealth | A Non-Profit Healthcare Organization”, 2017). I am thankful to work with such a great organization that has such high values and follows its mission statement so closely.

Relevant Data

The communities which OhioHealth serves talks about the organization. Its’ patients come back and speak very highly of the organization and of the people that work there. The balanced scorecard, along with our surveys give feedback as to how well we are doing, from patient care, errors, to associate happiness. The Emergency Room gets their own surveys separate from inpatient. This allows a better picture of patients we serve in our unit. Being involved in management and various committees I am privy to this information, though the information is shared monthly at department meets for all to know. Our customer service scores have been 90% or better almost all year, this fiscal year scores as a whole were better than the year prior.




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