Critically discuss current therapeutic strategies in the management of a patient in the ICU

Critically discuss current therapeutic strategies in the managment of a patient in the ICU with Acute Kidney Injury/failure

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1) 3000 words essay

2) You may like to consider the following points in your assignment (please note these points are a guide only):

Definitions of acute kidney injury/failure

Consider the therapeutic strategies for management and focus your analysis on

two (2) or three (3) strategies. You may address a forth (4) strategy, however remember that the focus of the assignment task is a critical analysis.

Consider what the evidence says.

What is the impact on patient outcomes?

What areas indicate future research is needed?

Ensure that you present your position in a logical, organised manner and that:

There is adequate evidence to support your claim, for example, both logical

explanation and literature support.

An examination of arguments (and counter- arguments and conflicting

viewpoints, if relevant) is included.

You use current clinical studies to support your view or position.

Use relevant, scholarly and recent literature:

Recent papers (usually within 5-7 years) are acceptable

The most significant conclusions to be drawn from your paper.

Use references that are peer reviewed journal articles, published within the last five (5) to seven (7) years only.

Scholarly presentation of work:

Demonstrates a satisfactory standard of literary presentation;

Uses third person context, unless otherwise stated;

Writes clearly, logically and concisely;

Uses appropriate and consistent QUT APA referencing.

Uses appropriate Australian spelling, grammar and punctuation;

Justification of comments, arguments and/or decisions based on

relevant contemporary literature

, scientific rationale and research from

nursing and related disciplines is required; for example,

While A, B and C suggest X to be a sound management strategy for this disease, D and E suggest otherwise. Given both the recency of D and E’s evidence and

the fact that X relates to general Alzheimer management rather than

taking a specific mental health perspective as A, B and C do, X serves




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